Stan's Blues Jam 3 at The Thomas Tripp

First Tuesday of every month
Starts 8.30pm
Free Entry

Stan's Blues Jam at The Thomas Tripp
(Est'd January 2009 - started at this venue February 2013)

10 Wick Lane

BH23 1HX

February 4th
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th
August 4th
September 1st
October 6th
November 3rd
December 1st

A selection of video highlights from the Jam on Tuesday 7th January 2020....

An energising start to the jamming year with 31 musicians joining in the fun...We'll be back at the Tripp on Tuesday 4th February.....meanwhile...we're jamming at The Platform Tavern Southampton on Wednesday 15th January and The Owl's Nest West Parley on Wednesday 29th January..

Photos can be viewed on 'Stan's Blues Jam at The Thomas Tripp' Facebook Page

Cross Cut Saw
Siting on Top of the World

Red House

Outskirts of Town

Further on up the Road

Riot in Cell Block No.9

Fattening Frogs for Snakes

Johnny B Goode

Ripping, or copying, our videos

We video the jams and post the performances on Youtube and our website so that jammers and friends can enjoy them.  If a jammer requests that a video be taken down from Youtube we can do this. This forms part of the trust between us and the jammers.
We are happy for our videos to be shared on Facebook or other platforms.
To rip a video is plain bad manners and shows a lack of integrity. If we discover that someone has ripped one of our videos and reposted it themselves,  we will take steps to have it removed.
Anyone found ripping our videos repeatedly will not be featured in our jam videos.