Stan's Blues Jam 3 at The Thomas Tripp

First Tuesday of every month
Starts 8.30pm
Free Entry

Stan's Blues Jam at The Thomas Tripp
(Est'd January 2009 - started at this venue February 2013)

10 Wick Lane

BH23 1HX

Jam Dates 2019
August 6th
September 3rd
October 1st
November 5th
December 3rd 


A selection of videos from the jam on Tuesday 2nd July.
A fine night of jamming at The Tripp....We'll be back in Christchurch on Tuesday 6th August.....until then there's Stan's Blues Jam - Southampton at The Platform Tavern on Wednesday 17th July....and at The Owl's Nest on Wednesday 31st July..

Texas Flood

Kansas City

Checkin' up on my baby

Highway 49

Shake rattle 'n' roll

She's about a mover


Sweet home Chicago

Johnny B Goode
You shook me

Ramblin on my mind