Stan's Blues Jam 1


(Established January 2009 -
Started at this venue January 16th 2019)


Stan's Blues Jams have been dormant at all venues since 16th March 2020
but when the time is right we can restart them.


A selection of video highlights from the Jam on Wednesday 19th February 2020....

Statesboro' Blues

Rock me baby

Tore Down

Move it on over

Crosscut Saw

I got your number

Bad whiskey

Help Me

Got my mojo working

Ripping, or copying, our videos

We video the jams and post the performances on Youtube and our website so that jammers and friends can enjoy them.  If a jammer requests that a video be taken down from Youtube we can do this. This forms part of the trust between us and the jammers.
We are happy for our videos to be shared on Facebook or other platforms in their original format.
To rip (copy) a video is plain bad manners and shows a lack of integrity. If we discover that someone has ripped one of our videos and reposted it themselves,  we will take steps to have it removed.
Anyone found ripping our videos repeatedly will not be featured in our jam videos.