16th March 2020: We have taken the decision to stop all Jams until further notice

We will not be running a Stan's Blues Jamboree at Swanage Blues Festival in October 2021 _________________________

Stan's Blues Jamboree at Swanage Blues Festival 
March 2020

Stan's Blues Jamboree had an exhilarating afternoon at Swanage Blues Festival on Saturday 7th March 2020 where 54 individual musicians performed during the 6 hour event. Our thanks to the Jammers, the Showcase Bands: The Paprika Blues Band, Groove Bakers &  Haney's Big House for their performances and the audience for their continued support. Thanks to Elmo and Swanage RBL, our friends for helping us with the gear.... and, of course, to Steve Darrington and Swanage Blues Festival for organising the whole weekend.

For anyone not quite sure what was going on....The blues jams are unrehearsed improvisations over the 12 blues structure, and its variations, performed by musicians who may not have met each other before. Some musicians will have played together at local blues jams, or at previous festival jams. Some may be in bands together. The line-ups for the jams are  put together by the organisers and the jammers sort out what they are going to perform within the 12 bar blues structure. Not knowing quite how any song is going to turn out is all part of the fun!

The Showcase Bands are pre-booked  and (hopefully) rehearsed performances  from bands across the country.

Stan's Blues Jam 1

Jam 1- Crosscut Saw

 Jam 1- The sky is crying

Jam 1- If you love me

Jam 1- Going Down

Jam 1- Before you accuse me
Jam 1- Help Me

Jam 1- Sweet Home Chicago
Jam 1- Further on up the road
SHOWCASE BAND - The Paprika Blues Band - Dust my broom
SHOWCASE BAND - The Paprika Blues Band - Small Town
SHOWCASE BAND - The Paprika Blues Band - In this world
SHOWCASE BAND - The Paprika Blues Band - 4
SHOWCASE BAND - The Paprika Blues Band - Essential Loving
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - It hurts me too
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - People get ready
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - I'd rather go blind
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - I feel good
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - I shall be released
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - Same old blues
SHOWCASE BAND - Groove Bakers - ?Slow Blues
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - Eyes wide open
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - Looking for trouble

SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - Extra Mile
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - Dawn Patrol
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - She can't keep still
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - All night long
SHOWCASE BAND - Haney's Big House - Reelin' & Rockin'
Stan's Blues Jam 2
Jam 2 - Pretty baby

Jam 2 - Before you accuse me
Jam 2 - Mr Highwayman
Jam 2 - Help me

Jam 2 - Boredom Blues
Jam 2 - Little red rooster
Jam 2 - Champagne & Reefer
Jam 2 - Let the good times roll

Stan's Blues Jam      
1.00pm - 3.00pm        





Stan's Blues Jam
(second portion)
5.00pm - 7.00pm

Swanage Showcase Bands so far....

Please Note: The Jamboree Showcase Slots for Bands are exactly that - an opportunity for your band to appear before a discerning audience and there is no guarantee of being booked back at the festival for a fee.

October 2012 - Calum Bird Blues Band + Smokin Benny Brown Band + Dan Sowerby Band

March 2013 - Harpin' On + Elles Bailey Solo + Calum Bird Blues Band + Thunderboy & the Lightning Bolts

October 2013 - Dr Blu + The Voodoo Sheiks + The Redcrow + The Rob Berry Band

March 2014 - Elles Bailey Band + The Blues Issue + Lil' Tone & the Bluesbenders + Blues Business

October 2014 - Jools Blues All Stars + The Villanovas + The Revival

March 2015 - The Sam Paine Trio + Calum Bird Blues Band + Backwater Roll Blues Band

October 2015 - Minty Trevina + Crossroads 531 + The Wang Dang Doodle

March 2016 - Riff Raff Blues Band + Infinite Jest + Rev Ferriday & The Longdogs

October 2016 - Ruby & The Revelators + White Station + Vixen Eyes

March 2017 - Blues Cruise + Outlaw State + Fereday

October 2017 - Grizzly & the Grasshoppers + Harry Hornsey Revue + Luke Doherty Band

March 2018 - Junco Shakers + Loose Moorings + Cyan Stone

October 2018 - Raw Deal + The Wilbur Project + Little Steam

March 2019 - Laurie McVay & The High Rollers + The Bullfrogs + Firedogz

October 2019 - Martin Warman Trio + The Jackals + The 3 Amigos

March 2020 - The Paprika Blues Band + Groove Bakers + Haney's Big House

October 2020 - Cancelled due to Covid19   

March 2021 - Cancelled due to Covid19


....51 Showcase bands in total have performed at the Jamboree out of which 13 bands subsequently have played their own gigs at Swanage Blues Festival or Sunday Live at The Legion, Swanage.

 Ripping, or copying, our videos

We video the jams and post the performances on Youtube and our website so that jammers and friends can enjoy them.  If a jammer requests that a video be taken down from Youtube we can do this. This forms part of the trust between us and the jammers.
We are happy for our videos to be shared on Facebook or other platforms in their original format.
However, to rip a video is plain bad manners and shows a lack of integrity.
If we discover that someone has ripped one of our videos and reposted it themselves, 
we will take steps to have it removed.
Anyone found ripping our videos repeatedly will not be featured in our jam videos.